Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Leather Jacket

Let's talk about a statement piece I love passionately. It has travelled through decades, yet still compliment the most stylish outfits at fashion shows exits. It is, of course, the leather jacket.
I absolutely love leather jackets, mainly because they are timeless and always gives you that edgy touch you need.
When I wear a leather jacket, I tend to feel more confident. Plus, the leather jacket is unisex, it applies to girls as much as boys, so you could definitely share one with your lover (no shame ugh).
 I would really recommend investing in a good quality leather jacket because you will use it often.
 I personally prefer a black one because it goes literally with everything, although I have to say that a vibrant red leather jacket is pretty cool too.
So don't wait more, a leather jacket is the absolute statement piece you need. See for yourself!

Go for a bi-texture coat during a chilly weather

And wear it with a short monochrome dress in spring

You can also alternate with a sleeveless version.

A bright color sweater will contrast nicely the shiny texture of the leather.

For bold folks out there, try your jacket with an all-denim look.

A nice pair of printed jeans is a perfect addition.

You can even clash the materials by adding a delicate touch of lace. It will soften up the look.

A long, loose, colorful dress will add a bohemian touch to the jacket.

 Sleek details are a plus.

I absolutely drool over this minimalist look.  With your leather jacket, add bright original sunglasses and simple clean-cut pieces for an effortless and trendy outfit.

Artist singer G-Eazy masters the leather jacket like nobody

 Yeah guys, you'll look pretty badass with one of these.

You can ever wear it at a formal event.

David Bowie approves

Model Tobias Sorensen rocking a maroon leather jacket.

Legendary Marlon Brando approves too.

And to finish off this article, here is a picture of  my favorite leather jacket from H&M (very affordable by the way). It has been my go-to jacket for a long time.

 Hope you enjoyed this article,

See you soon

Very Frenchie x

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