Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Not So Eternal Summer

 In a couple of days, no more white sands and relaxing beaches, no more fresh juices by the pool and envious snapchat selfies saying "Paradise" with  your Aviator sunglasses and panama hat. The sun is smiling and burning,  but you're too cool for sunscreen anyways (watch out for a "farandole" of sunburns, you can thank Biafine later!) Anyways, we love to procrastinate all day, tan on the deckchair or the warm sand (depending on the location ) only to realize that soon, we will have to come back to civilization and soon, we will have to work again. To avoid a shocking transition, I will recreate what a summer ending time looks like and give you reason why ending summer isn't that bad... Ready ?

 "Thanks to you, sunny days, my hair got sooo light with my mix of lemon juice and acacia honey !"

 "The water is nice and refreshing but my hair kinda look like seeweed now..."

 "I don't want to cover myself, I feel so freeee"

 "Why does summer has to be so short, I almost finished my hipster learning..."

 "Oh and now I will have to replace delicious fresh mangoes by Costco's frozen "mango chunks"

"I don't want to go home, I still prefer sleeping in this ugly plant"

"Or even become a merchant of sunflowers on the beach like Angie..."

 "Ok now, every good thing comes to an end. I have to be more positive !"

Reason 1 : Now that bikini season is over, you can eat what you want, whenever you want

 Reason 2 : Summer clothing when you are back home gives you such a cool rebellious "I refuse to quit hollidays" look." Pas vrai Candice ?

Reason 3 : You will finally see your buddies, you missed them and have tons of stories to tell them (yes you do)

 Reason 4 : If you are back home and a bit desesperate, you could maybe adopt a cute pet..

Last reason : If you were all year long in  holidays, you wouldn't enjoy it anymore simply because it will be part of your routine. Eh oui...

Hoping that your summer will end well,
Enjoy the last moments at the fullest, cause eternal summer just doesn't exist ;) (except if you won the lotto or something)

Have a good back to school time !


Very Frenchie

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Focus on : Mimi Elashiry

She's got the golden salty hair, hypnotizing cat eyes and THE hippie vibe we all envy. Mimi is a born and raised Aussie model who recently became a fashion icon all over the world. We do not only love her for her  beautiful features but also for  her incredible carefree personality and unique bohemian looks, which make us so envious. She is the type of cool girl you see at the beach with a coconut juice in the hand and a half-bun in the hair.  Plus, EVERYTHING looks good on her!
If you are not part of the 305,108 people who already follow her on Instagram , I urge you to do so : mimielashiry

Currently in holidays in Paris and lovin' it. It is so refreshing to be back to my hometown.

Have a beautiful summer !


Very Frenchie